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01.You know you got me under control. 02.Feel like a soldier in a useless war. 03.I follow you into the garden of pleasures.
04.Love is with your brother. 05.Temptation heat. 06.Your blood is our pleasure we want your soul.
07.To the moon we pray. 08.Kill the fear inside your mind. 09.I smell your body I smell your lust.
10.Like an inocent angel. 11.She's a creation made by evil hands. 12.She slept in her grave for thousand years.
13.He created an angel just for himself. 14.Another nightmare in this night. 15.This is the night of changes.
16.You're just a toy in our hands. 17.And he's not from Heaven sent. 18.Believe in my sanctuary.
19.A thunder storm that calls your name. 20.We're the lost children can you hear us singing. 21.A kingdom without light.
22.I´ll show you what´s the price. 23.You can´t resist our tenderness. 24.She is a princess and her heart is made of ice.
25.Pretty when you cry. 26.Strange machines. 27.They say such stupid words.
28.My little girl, I have a secret for you. 29.Don´t be afraid, it will not hurt. 30.The world outside is no place for you.


Tabla Emmanuel 1
1. Me contradice por placer
2. Un beso que duela
3. Buscaré tierra nueva
4. Tu piel con el sol ya no es de porcelana
5. Tu mal secreto
6. No tienes nombre ni apellido
7. Poco a poco me acerco
8. Coleccionando mil amores
9. Poniendo trampas al orgullo
10. Para perderte y recuperarte
11. Desmadejado
12. Romántico suicida
13. Mi propia música
14. Caprichos que son puñaladas
15. Una voz escondida



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