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Oct. 21st, 2014 11:34 pm
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Tabla K-Pop

01."Not a coincidence"
02."B B B B Baby"
03."Wild comin' through your town"
04."Fingers beckoning"
05."Dry and cracked"
06."Like satellites and shooting stars"
07."Gone insane"
08."Just blink an eye"
09."You’re like a black hole"
10."I got you cornered boy"
11."Show your teeth Underneath the lies"
13."Winter has come"
14."A bomb going off"
15."No pleads to my enemies"
16."You say I'm Alien, maybe I am"
17."You say I'm Robot, maybe I am"
18."Power Invasive"
19."Too little to capture"
20."Everybody expects so much of me"
21."To a place where it doesn't hurt"
22."I'm a good good guy"
23."Eat sweets"
24."Your empty head made you act and react with small words"
25."Sometimes too much courage is a problem"
26."I'll Click the Like It"
27."Stop pretending, I saw it all"
28."This weird feeling near you"
29."Behind this mask of smiles"
30."Like a caged animal"
31."Impurity seeps into hearts"
32."Yes, I was the Evil Ruler"
33."Reminisce in vain"
34."They saw us together"
35."Cut me in half"
36."Awaken the beast"
37."Faked every kiss"
38."Like a rat"
39."To Answer"
40."Breath-taking S-Line"
41."One delicious peach"
42."Take the service I provide"
43."Turn up turn up the volume all the way"
44."And naughty fantasies"
45."The empty streets are filled with those who are alone"
46."Will you be my friend tonight?"
47."Dirty Nasty Ass Fun"


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